1) What is Graphic and Print’s 100 percent value ensure? 

      Realistic and Print has a vast stock, which enables us to offer focused costs, giving you the best arrangement for your custom pennants. We are certain that you will locate the best costs here. 

2) What is Graphic and Print’s quality certification? 

        Our 60-day guarantee expresses that, item won’t have any assembling imperfections, and, if the item fizzles, breaks or have ink issue because of an assembling deformity amid the timespan, we will either supplant the item or issue a credit equivalent to the estimation of the fizzled item. Realistic and Print.in maintains all authority to examine the case and decide if the fizzled item is secured by our guarantee or not. 

3) How can Graphic and Print offer such low costs without trading off quality? 

       As one of the biggest discount printers in the business, we can arrange the materials and supplies straightforwardly from the producers. 

4) Why would it be advisable for me to arrange my custom pennants from Graphic and Print? 

        o We have over 20 years’ of brilliant printing background 

         o Easy online structure device 

         o Ordering on our site is advantageous. 

         o High-quality items, at low costs. 

         o Our printing house has everything, enabling us to get your request to you quicker. 

5) Does Graphic and Print give greater limits to business orders? 

          Truly, if it’s not too much trouble contact our business division at sales@Graphic and Print.in or approach 1800 103 0313 for more data on how we can process your mass request. 

6) How long does it take to get my request? 

          When the endorsement is given from your side on your request’s confirmation, it will take 24-48 hours for processingand 6-8 working days for the conveyance 

7) Does Graphic and Print transport outside India? 


8) What does Graphic and Print not engage with regards to Reprint and Refund? 

          o If the item is been wrongly chosen by client no discount or reproduce would be engaged. 

          o Once the item is endorsed from client’s end it can’t be changed. We charge for any further changes if the item status is “IN PRODUCTION”. 

          o If the item is harmed in travel, discount or reship should be possible according to client’s prerequisite (Note: No adjustments in the item will be acknowledged) 

         o If the client needs something other than what’s expected to be printed then he’ll need to pay additional for the equivalent 

9) What is Graphic and Print’s arrival arrangement? 

            In the event that there is any disparity in the item got, we will send a supplanting with need dispatching at no additional charge to the client. All profits must be accounted for inside 48 hours from the date the item is gotten. Clients must pursue the beneath referenced strides so as to get a discount. 

           o Go to “my record” to make an online ticket. Here, clients must append an image of the harmed or inaccurate product(s). The client agent will react inside one business day and resolve the issue ASAP. At times, Graphic and Print will request extra data identified with the harmed item. 

           o Refunds will be issued inside 48 hours if the online ticket is affirmed and clients wish to get their discount in a similar installment structure, which was utilized at the season of procurement. 

10) what number hues can every flag have? 

              Realistic and Print does not have a shading limit on its custom pennants, enabling clients to incorporate the same number of photographs or illustrations on their showcases. 

11) Can Graphic and print on the two sides of the standard? 

            We can’t print on the two sides of one vinyl standard, however our two-sided flags are made with two pennants appended together. This keeps either print from appearing through the request while giving double the sturdiness. 

12) What document types are suggested for work of art transfers? 

           Make sure to change over all text styles to layouts or bends before sending the record. If it’s not too much trouble set the extent of the verification in extent to the definite size of the custom standard’s structure. There’s no compelling reason to incorporate seeps in the evidence, except if it is a piece of the realistic. All content ought to be no less than two creeps from the edge of the standard’s grommets. Worthy configurations include: 

       o EPS (Encapsulated Post Script) 

      o AI (Adobe Illustrator) 

       o PDF (Adobe Reader PDF) 

      o PSD (Adobe Photoshop) 

      o JPG (High Resolution JPEG) 

      o TIFF (High Resolution TIFF) 

Contingent upon the goals and pixels, PSD, JPG, TIFF records get foggy when amplified. Thumbnail JPGs or GIFs can’t be utilized for extensive prints. While presenting the documents, if it’s not too much trouble pursue these rules. 

      o 100 percent scale (full size yield) at 100 dpi 

      o 50 percent scale at 200 dpi or higher 

      o 25 percent scale at 300 dpi or higher 

       o 10 percent scale at 600-1200 dpi 

Vector Line craftsmanship is versatile to any size, it never loses goals and the picture remains spotless and fresh. Vector records can be submitted of any size, in extent to your flag’s size. 

13) May I buy a specially estimated flag? 

            Truly, you can. 

14) Does Graphic and Print make vertical print standards? 

            Truly we do. 

15) Do the custom pennants have grommets or openings at the edge for hanging? Assuming this is the case, would i be able to arrange more for my signage? 

          The majority of our pennants incorporate grommets each three to four feet from another—per industry norms. On the off chance that your pennant needs grommets put in explicit pieces of it, kindly clarify in the “unique directions” box while putting in the request. 

16) Do the pennants have cuts for the breeze? 

          Our vinyl pennants don’t accompany wind cuts, however this can be masterminded an extra charge. In any case, we do have a gathering of work flags, which are made with inexactly woven vinyl that can withstand overwhelming breezes. 

17) Can I see confirmation of my request before making installment? 


        Truly you can by choosing the alternative “Installment on work of art endorsement” while submitting the request 


18) When will I get a proof for my request? 


      Clients that utilization the Design Tool web application, can in a flash observe the harsh picture. Our fashioners will get the concluded confirmation inside 48 hours. In the event that we are planning the flag, it can take as long as 48 hours relying upon the client’s solicitation. 


19) What if the hues on the custom flag don’t turn out the manner in which I anticipated? 


       Printers at Graphic and Print are aligned to print hues precisely to the request, however in cases that they are not, we can’t be considered capable. The presence of the thumbnail could be distinctive on our screens and hardware contrasted with the customer’s. We won’t issue discounts or acknowledge returns because of shading, profundity or tone. We address every one of these circumstances on a case-by-case premise. We prescribe everybody to allude to our FAQs on hues and picture transfers. On the off chance that a client is searching for a particular shading, it would be ideal if you notice that in “uncommon directions.” 


20) I’m not happy with utilizing charge cards over the web, does Graphic and Print offer a telephone or fax elective? 


          Realistic and Print does not acknowledge any sort of requests by means of telephone or fax.Credit card preparing through our site is dealt with by a presumed organization. Realistic and Print by and by does not hold, record or view a client’s charge card data. 


21) Will I get a full discount on the off chance that I don’t wish to run with the request following 60 days? 


          No, discount will be started just inside 30 days from the date request is put in, if request isn’t printed. 


22) What is the contrast between 340 GSM vinyl material and 510 GSM? 


           510 GSM vinyl is a heavier material than 340 GSM vinyl, it makes flags increasingly tough while adding life to the showcase. We prescribe this choice for open air custom standards. 


23) What is your organization address? 


Enrolled Office : 


WEB NINE TECHNOLOGY (Graphic and Print)

#68, 1st Floor, 4th Cross Street,

Renga Nagar,  Moolakulam, 

 Pondicherry – 605 010. 



24) What printing innovation do you use? 


              We have put resources into most recent printing and completing innovation. We have UV-LED, dissolvable, Eco-dissolvable, HP-Latex, color sublimation and direct to texture printers. Our dissolvable and Eco-dissolvable printers can print up to 720 dpi and UV printers can print up to 1000 dpi. All our texture items are printed utilizing color sublimation exchange innovation and direct to texture printing. For our standard and decals media, we offer dissolvable and UV printing alternatives.