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To the best of our knowledge, the lowest Forex Turnkey Solution Cost is USD 3999 per month without any upfront setup fee. It’s a forex broker start-up package that comes with company formation, MT5 White Label, Broker Website, Payment Solution, IB & Affiliate system, and Chat App integration. Is a software development and integration company and does not provide financial, exchange, investment or consulting services. Was born back in 2010 and was designed to expand the opportunities of the platform where FXOpen customers managed their trading.

LXSuite is a trading technology package by Leverate that provides a holistic solution meant to satisfy any of the needs and desires a brokerage may have. Starting your own broker business is now made streamlined and fully customized. LXSuite is tailors to your small business needs, offering the power of a large-scale, stable company without any of the fees, hassle, or burden. Launch your own fully branded Forex brokerage with our complete website building services.

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We are here to accommodate all your requirements.Article Liquidity Distribution In order to understand what is liquidity distribution in FOREX trading, an understanding of the term “liquidity” is essential. An in-depth description of how liquidity works will arm you with the information you need to know.Article Market Maker vs Liquidity Provider Get a better understanding of the differen-ces between a market maker and a liquidity provider. Find out more about how each busi-ness model operates and how they differ from each other in the way they operate. A forex turnkey solution is an automated trading system that provides traders with the tools and support they need to improve their trading performance.

Forex Broker Turnkey Solution

The licensor, which provides services to the sub-licensee, increases its profits through expanded trading volumes and additional commissions. In addition to the common market, limit and stop type orders, your clients will have access to hidden and stop limit orders, with multiple Time in Force options. It is a fully branded solution and clients will never know whether you are using a White Label or Main Label license. We use the most appropriate and advanced technology solutions to help you deliver your solutions.

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The easiest and most efficient way to open a Forex brokerage is to select a reputable White Label Solutions Provider and purchase their product. Hailed as the leader in the development of Forex Brokerage and MT4/MT5 solutions provider in the industry, iQinik Technologies developers create a unique service for their clients and customers. We create state-of-the-art solutions furnishing the latest Forex Web development, trading solutions, white label solutions, tools, extensions, plugins, and other financial applications development.

Besides, important to make sure the turnkey solution provider offers a transparent pricing model and a high level of customer service since it will be good to use the same provider in case you wish to include more services in the future. Salesforce is amazing customer management software and you don’t have to adapt yourself https://xcritical.com/ to make use of it for your business. IQinik is one of the well-established companies, which offers successful Salesforce CRM customization solution. We have years of experience in offering successful Salesforce customization services to a clients. Are you looking for technology and other services for your Forex Brokerage?

  • B2Broker ensures your brokerage is fully equipped to maximise the performance of your business operations backed by solid, long-standing expertise so you can run your operations with confidence.
  • With our WL program you will receive major tech solutions trading terminal and CRM.
  • Global Prime of Prime Multi-Asset Liquidity & Technology White Label solutions provider for Brokerages and Exchanges.
  • Are you looking for technology and other services for your Forex Brokerage?

Energy Liquidity We offer liquidity for trading on WTI crude oil, Brent crude oil and natural gas. Get deep institutional liquidity on the main Indices with our bespoke liquidity solution. Enlist the Indices liquidity experts who will provide the exact solution for your business.Metals Liquidity We offer liquidity on precious metals and industrial metals including XAG/AUD, XAG/EUR, XAG/GBP and others.

Access the complete set of advanced trading solutions with your branding, enabling you to run a successful brokerage business backed by advanced analytical features. The team is very professional and friendly and most importantly responsible to the client’s needs. Our contact person is extremely attentive to our requirements and helpful during the flow of work. Due to the nature of our business there were lots of requests for additional developments and amendments that were perfectly done in no time. Furthermore Brokeree Solutions engineered advanced customised solutions for our business that have no presence in the market.

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These systems come complete with software, servers, and customer support, making them a one-stop-shop for all your forex needs. Today’s markets are ever-changing, and so is how forex traders manage their portfolios. That’s why many forex traders turn to solutions to help them stay ahead of the curve and maximize turnkey global forex their profits. One such solution is a forex broker’s turnkey solution, which provides traders with all the tools they need to manage their portfolios and executions automatically. Some turnkey solution providers will ask you to pay a monthly fixed price for their services, others may want a share of profits.

Forex Inventory will make you a successful trader who can confidently take right trading decisions. White label is the easiest and fastest solution to start your own FX brokerage. With our WL program you will receive major tech solutions trading terminal and CRM. Our Trading server administrators handle setup of the trading platform while our team of engineers take charge of all other components. A Turnkey Broker is a super cost-effective and time-saving solution as it is a based on a White Label of MetaTrader. You can save more than $90,000 on setup costs and around $10,000 ongoing monthly costs for full licensing, servers and a technical support team.

FOREX Back Office Software Our B2Core solution includes FOREX CRM, Back Office and Trader’s Room functions. A package based client cabinet designed to meet your specific needs according to the type of business you operate.Article What Are Affiliate Programs And How Do They Work? MAM Software Highly popular multi-account management software that helps you attract the best traders and money managers. A must-read if you are looking for an efficient, multi-featured back-office solution. Forex brokers compete for customers offering more and more innovative products and solutions.

Forex Broker Turnkey Solution

Essential reading if you have been thinking about launching your own business in this popular sector.Article Cryptocurrency Exchange with Leverage A short summary about the cryptocurrency exchange market. Equip yourself with everything you need to know about this interesting new trading instrument.Article Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Get clued up on the stages of development involved in the set up of a crypto exchange. A white label broker is a full-service brokerage with all of the necessary infrastructure and tools. The term “white label” refers to the fact that these brokers rebrand the trading platform and tools provided to them by a white label provider. This allows brokers to offer a unique trading experience to their clients without having to develop their own technology. Simply speaking, it is a solution that allows you to open a branded brokerage business with a fully functioning platform without having to spend millions of dollars.

Turnkey for Forex Funding

Our estimates show that around 3,000 FX brokers are in operation around the world, serving more than 10 million clients. IQinik is known for budget-friendly solutions development in the industry. We can build a social network specifically for traders and participants looking to interact with.. We use the latest technology to develop, build and improve your Forex Brokerage solutions and execute them with business intelligence. IQinik is an IT and Forex solution service provider company located in…

If the final price in an order exceeds the specified threshold, such an order will simply be rejected. Forex Inventory is not a trading counter-party & does not offer financial brokerage services. Over here in Forex Inventory our FX professionals will teach you techniques & tricks to trade Forex step by step from Primary to advance level. Don’t worry about developing trading skills it’s our responsibility to teach you and make you a successful trader. We have added multiple topics, tutorials and Strategies to make a beginner grow to an advance level.

Brokeree Solutions integrates its flagship Liquidity Bridge with Match-Prime Liquidity

The APIs that are part of the white label solution package can be used as a means of communication with end users who can connect to the trading platform directly. These APIs can also be used to integrate with other services to add more value to your business with costs-saving methods. The solution includes protocols that allow developing and running algorithmic trading systems. It comes with the preset of market-maker algorithms, which provide for administrators an ability to manage price flow, liquidity, and pricing policies for any instrument. The Forex Broker Turnkey software package also includes a set of trading bots and ready-made algorithmic trading systems that end clients can take advantage of. When it comes to trading foreign exchange, you can choose from a wide variety of platforms and applications on the market today.

Forex Broker Turnkey Solution

We help you inherit the uniqueness and efficiency pivotal to harness the best of Forex trading. The most popular Forex trading platform and Forex charting software in the world, used by millions of traders worldwide. With Leverate’s MT4 5 white label solution you can offer your clients a complete MetaTrader platform with no effort and without breaking the bank. That’s why we created LXSuite, a Forex turnkey solution that is way more than just a complete Forex back-office software. It is a whole new technological approach that includes fx liquidity providers, educational services, and even lead generation.

Turnkey tech solutions for retail brokers

As always, it is our top priority to provide the best possible trading solutions to our valued clients. A multi-server copy trading solution that allows your clients to share trading signals and follow other traders. High-end liquidity system that connects you with top-tier liquidity providers. Getting a steady flow of Forex leads is usually a huge challenge for most brokers.

But lead generation is the lifeline of your sales efforts and your business. This is why we formed strong connections with trustworthy affiliate networks that can help those starting a brokerage company to surpass their first and largest hurdle. By combining this method with quality liquidity aggregation and thorough risk management procedures, you can get to the point where you are earning along with profitable clients and not losing on them. The provided turnkey Forex broker software functionality includes the ability to control slippage protection, both on the side of users and on the side of the business owner. Within the limits of the slippage value set by the broker, the trader can set his own value.

If someone wants to open their own brokerage, all they need to do is purchase the white label solution and then brand it with your own company name and logo. The white label provider will take care of the rest, including the trading platform and licenses, back-office support, hosting, backups, customer service, liquidity providers, and payment processing. In the end, you will have a fully functioning Forex brokerage with a supporting infrastructure that looks and feels like your own, with the white label provider doing most of the leg work. We can build a smart liquidity platform meant for traders and brokers, enabling them to secure liquidity from tier-II liquidity providers. Our turnkey solutions are integrated with A/B Book trade execution, smart liquidity aggregation, and risk management functions.

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